Save 40-70 % on Dental Implant Costs

Cheap Dental Implant Costs in Budapest Dental treatment, even a root canal treatment can cost as much as 600 pounds in the UK. A single dental Implant can costs 1000 pounds at least but the usual price is from 1350 pounds. A complete rehabilitation starts from 13000 and it can be as much as 20-30000 pounds.

Recognizing the need for affordable, cheap dental implant treatment our clinic was established to service patients from western Europe more than 15 years ago in Budapest in Hungary. Our dental implant clinics were designed to give you the best quality of service and has been equipped with state-of-the-art dental facilities. Thousands of patients from France, Germany, UK, Ireland, Switzerland visited our dental implant clinics and left satisfied and smiling.
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Our dental prices are 40-70% cheaper than in Western Europe, than in UK. As we perform literally over thousand implant works in a year our teams are more experineced than other implant clinincs or individaul dentist anywhere in Europe. Our high-tech facilities and specialist make possible this volume and quality of service.

How much can you actually save on dental implants?

See it for yourself. Compare our prices to average UK prices with our Dental Implant Cost Comparision module.


Why is dental implant treatment cheaper in Hungary?

In Hungary wages and overhead costs thus the cost of a dental treatment are less than in other countries of the European Union. This fact makes it possible that the cost of a dental or medical treatment using the same equipment and material is only third or fourth of what one would have to pay in the UK. An additional factor is that education in Hungarian Universities are cheaper, while the training given is of European Union Standards.

As our dental implant clinics perform thousands of dental impant treatments we purchase dental implant materials in large volumes, hence get better prices from implant manufacturers and we pass these onto our patients. We believe that people should have affordable dental implant treatments. Read more about dental implant procedure and whether you should choose a specialist or a general dentist.

And what about travel cost?

World Travel Award Winner 2012In 2012 the Treatment Abroad Medical Tourism Survey revealed that in 20,000 people from the UK travelled overseas for dental treatment in 2011. Direct flights to Budapest are available from Manchester, Leeds, Bristol, Edinburgh and London for as little as £60 return.

Executive Medical International  has a travel partner who was in 2012 the World Travel Award winner. We can guarantee the best price for flights and for accommodation as well.

Our travel guarantee.

Price PledgeIf someone can get a ticket cheaper from another agent for the same flight within 24 hours than we give you 150% of the price difference.

If prices go down after the ticket was purchased, our system automatically re-books the flight and the price difference is given back to our customer.

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