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Our Dental Consultation package contains:

  • London – Budapest round-trip flight ticket* which will be arranged for you
  • 1 night accommodation in a hotel
  • on your arrival you will be transfered from the airport in Budapest to your hotel 
  • full checkup of the condition of your teeth carried out recorded by oral camera, where you can see it for yourself
  • Panoramic X-Ray of your teeth and jaw bones to be able to assess your dental condition precisely
  • Full and detailed dental treatment plan (dental implant treatment plan)
  • Transport to the airport in time for your flight back to UK  

* The special priced package is available from other cities too, not just London. If you wish to come from another city please, contact us by sending us an email to travel@execmedint.com. We will inform you on which days are we able to give you this special deal.

How much does it cost?

Including all the above, the price is only 300.- Euro


If  you accept the treatment plan and decide to get the treatment in our clinic, you will be credited 100 Euro, so it actually costs 200.- €. 

In UK a panoramic X-ray and a dental implant consultation easily reaches £160.

It is only a decision away

You only have to  decide and call us or fill out the form below. We will arrange everything for you. The flight, the accomodation, the dentist appointment, the transfer from the airport and back.

Befor and after the dentist appointment you are free to do sightseeing in Budapest, have a nice meal by the Danube or go shopping in the grand shopping centers in town.

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