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Cosmetic dentistry is a kind of advanced dentistry and it is means more than general dentistry. To accomplish the aim of cosmetic dentistry use of modern techniques and the application of most advanced and high quality materials are required.  Demands meticulous, precise work of a dentist.
Aesthetic dentistry today is much more than braces and bleaching teeth. Many people take the opportunity to completely rehabilitate their teeth. Alignment, positioning and aesthetic appearance and anomalies of existing teeth are corrected.


Loss of a tooth can lead to loss of confidence

For an elderly person and actually for anyone loss of a tooth can cause serious self-esteem problems. It can happen to anyone that due to an accident or inherited disposition or gum recession one or more teeth are missing. It is also possible that one needs a tooth be pulled because of tooth decay.  In this case we cannot chew properly and are afraid to smile, but our wellbeing and our quality of life is also impaired. Traditional methods of tooth replacement are not always able to address these problems.

There is a modern and aesthetic solution

Over 18 years of age dental implant treatment can be a solution which is a procedure where an artificial tooth is set in the jawbone. This procedure has several advantages over bridges and dentures. The implant ha a tight connection with the jawbone and hereby provides a stable base for the replacement tooth. In the area of a missing tooth root in the bone, the bone gets absorbed. This resorption is reduced by the implant. In addition the adjacent teeth need not to be used for supporting the bridge. Restoration of chewing ability and aesthetics of teeth can be achieved for even tens of years by implant treatment or prosthetic reconstruction properly carried out at our dental clinic.

Can everyone have implants?

The answer is mainly yes. Dental implants replace teeth and their roots, so they can be set into the position of the missing tooth.  They are implanted into the jawbone so enough bone tissue is required for this treatment.  Our colleagues are prepared for such circumstances and by a bone replacement surgery enough bone tissue for the dental implants will be in place.

However there are some situations when one cannot get implants.
  •  person is under 18
  •  serious hearth condition
  •  osteopathy  (Use of intravenous Bisphosphonates)
  •  alcohol, drug or medicine addiction
  •  unhandled diabetes

Is dental implant treatment painful?

Fear of pain often holds back patients from taking advantage of dental implant treatment. During the dental implant treatment patients usually get surprised as little pain involved in it. Dental implant treatments are carried out in anaesthesia or some form of sedation which can be local sedation too.

Guarantees for implants

The company producing the implant gives guarantee for the material and flawless quality of dental implants up to the value of the implant. However, sound quality is not a guarantee that the implant will fully ossify with the jawbone.
Statistical data shows that there is a 98% expectancy rate that dental implants standardly inserted will set in stably for a longer period of time. It is anticipated that the implant will set permanently (longer than expected, more than 10 years).

What is the procedure for dental implant treatment?

• As with any intervention, the implant placement is preceded by a complete check-up.

• Then scan of your mouth and general medical examinations is carried out.

• CT and bite test is made, which is essential for planning the treatment.

• Based on the results a precise treatment plan is made.

• The carious teeth and every inflammation have to be cured prior to dental implant treatment.

• Next step is preparing the jawbone for the treatment. (If there is not enough bone then bone grafting is needed using the patient’s own bone or artificial bone.)

• When everything is in order thin holes are drilled in the bone, thereby determining the precise location, direction and length of the implant.

• After that an appropriate amount of bone is removed according to the thickness of the implant screws.  The resulting bone cavity receives the threaded portion of the implant.

• Then the implant is placed and a healing cap screw. The soft parts, the gums are sutured.

• If absorbable stitches are used there is no need for their removal, but in case of not absorbable sutures after 7-10, in some cases, 14 days they are removed, and the implant area is further protected under the mucosa to heal.

• For the duration of the healing period prosthesis will be prepared for you, so you are not left without teeth.

• The connection between the implant and the bone - synostosis - develops over 3-6 months. The implant root may be loaded safety only after this healing period. The bony symphysis allows stable position of the implants. Then they will be able to withstand continuous chewing pressure on them and will not get damaged. After the healing period can the body of the implant teeth be prepared. Ossification is inspected by X-ray.

• The healing cap screw is removed from underneath the gum, and then the gum forming cap screws are inserted into the appropriate section of the implant.

• Perfect gingival attachment requires 2-3 days.

• Then an impression is made, which is sent to the dental laboratory where a technician will prepare the implant abutment that will fit perfectly - a crown, bridge, denture.


Dental implant treatment is a proven method of handling missing teeth.
As in every field there are good quality materials and services and there are not so good ones. It is important that one chooses a quality implant and a professional clinic that handles several hundreds or thousands of implant cases a year.  The right choice of clinic and material means more years of problem-free life with the new implants.
Our clinics provide quality dental implant treatments more than 15 years with state-of-the-art equipment in modern facilities. We use high quality materials, top brands in implants. Our doctors are highly trained professionals. Our prices are 40-70% cheaper than in the UK.

Contact us and we will answer your questions, and if you require give you a quote.

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Dental Implant ConsultationDental Implant Consultation
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