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Patients, despite it is an important factor in deciding which dental clinic to choose, often overlook a guarantee offered by a dental clinic.

When our health and quality of life depends on a simple choice, it is of importance that a good and informed decision is made concerning the medical service provider and the warranties provided by it. Unfortunately, patients often ignore checking guarantees when deciding which dental clinic to choose. Yet, it is one of the key factors that differentiate one clinic from another. Some dental clinics do not give a guarantee while other clinics offer a 2-year warranty but do not provide travel and accommodation arrangements.

ExecmedInt gives the broadest warranty in Europe among dental clinics. The reason is that we trust our high quality service and the quality of the raw materials we use. There is no other dental clinic, which would provide similar warranty conditions.

The works of our specialists are characterized by high professional and aesthetical standards. With this object, we have instituted the ISO 9001-2000 quality assurance in our dental services as early as 2002, based on the external audit of the GüteCert Zertifizierungsgellschaft Gmbh.

We offer fully comprehensive guarantee on all of our services. We fill in warranty cards for our larger projects, instead of the otherwise usual verbal guarantee.


Dental Service Guarantee intervals

Fillings / Inlays* 2 years
Loose prosthesises* 2 years 
Fixed prosthesises* 3 years
Implants* 5 years

* The most important condition for our guarantee is a dentistry supervision right after the prosthesises have been made, and in every half year, based on a conciliation with a specialist in case of implant prosthesises.

We do not provide guarantee for the following cases:

Injuries derived from an accident
Unforeseeable complications
Interim prosthesises
Patients who do not follow the appropriate instructions of their dentistry specialist or do not possess a sufficient mouth hygiene.

We pay attention to your health and continuous comfort and at the end of dental implant treatment you will receive so called Implant pass. This implant pass belongs to the implants you received and gives all relevant data about it. So in later years other qualified dentist will be able to treat you anywhere in the world, if you happen to be in some trouble.

Travel Guarantees

Our dental clinic is unique in Europe while we pay attention to give guarantees for the travel arrangements. Through our travel partner, we can guarantee the best airfares and hotel rates!
  • If you can buy a cheaper flight ticket to the same flight within 24 hours of our purchase, the 150% of the difference will be refund to you.
  • If ticket prices fall in the time period between the date of purchase and the date of your travel, than your ticket will be automatically rebooked to the favourable priced on and the price difference will be credited back to you.
The accommodation will always be tailored to your needs.

Our partner in tourism has been awarded in 2012th with the World Leading Travel Booking Website award. They can guarantee the best prices for flights and accommodation!

In addition, we guarantee:

• Safe high-quality health care and travel service,
• World-class dental treatment in Hungary at an affordable price without waiting lists,
• Use of modern technology and professional tools,
• Highly skilled, multi-lingual, experienced, approved doctors
• Soothing, elegant atmosphere and excellent technology and materials!
• Patient, friendly staff who correctly inform, promote high quality treatments in addition to reliable knowledge!
• Touristic experiences next to medical treatment!
• Satisfied smiles of our patients
Nothing shows our reliability and reputation better than that
• the German Embassy recommends our services in the first place
• we are the official dental care provider of U.S. citizens living in Hungary,
 • There was an astronaut and a Nobel Peace Prize winner among our patients

If you have any question concerning our dental and travel services:

Contact us.

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