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Botond Cseke - Internationally celebrated model recommends our dental clinic. Why?

Patient from Italy - 04. July 2013.

Patient from Norway - 16. July 2013.

Kåre Torgrimsen - Norway

I had postponed visits to the dentist for many years because of my fear of dentists (and because of the Norwegian prices), I finally found out that something had to be done. Then I found in Budapest a dental clinic on the Internet. A clinic having Norwegian standards but at Hungarian prices!
So I came down to Budapest, and grabbed the armrests of dentist's chair ...
But here they were so caring and professional, so it was not long before I got relaxed. Now I have implants and crowns, and everything has been a breeze.
Furthermore the hotel here at the clinic is incredibly nice. One can swim in the inside and outdoors pools in the summer and winter too. The food here is very good and with good variety.
I owe big thanks to Margit, Bálint, Julia, Andrea, Attila, Dr. Urban, Dr. ALTRICHTER and the rest of the staff at the clinic.
I have no more fear of dentists. My fear is cured!
(I am coming back in a year for control.)

Peter Haller (65) - Germany

" I live in Munich and I am retired. Ten years ago I decided to have full removable denture in Munich. It took almost a year to be completely ready. However, I had always had problems with my denture, it wasn't comfortable. Then I've heard about dental implants, and I decided to change. I found many possibilities in Germany, but I didn't have the funds to finance it. One of my friends suggested finding a clinic in Hungary. I decided to go to Hungary, and I found Executive Medical Services International. I went to Hungary twice to have my implants and crowns ready. It took about 8 days altogether. Its cost was about the half of what it would have cost in Germany, and I’m really satisfied with the quality! Now I feel like I have my own teeth! I can warmly recommend to anybody to choose them! "


A. G. (42) - Austria

" I’ve found Executive Medical Services International online. I found the possibility interesting, not the money saving part, but the time saving part. Because of my job, my time is very limited, so I decided to give a chance. I needed 6 crowns, so I came to Hungary for the treatment. It took 5 working days, and the result is amazing! Just like I have my own teeth! Everything was well organized, they helped me with everything! "

F.P. (51)  - England

" As a businessman I always try to get the best deals, find the best price-quality ratio. I’ve heard about Executive Medical Services International from my friend, so I asked a quote from them. The price was really good, so I went to Budapest, but I was a bit afraid, as I went to a different country for a dental treatment! Now, after the treatment (I needed 3 implants) I can say that everything is true what they say. The quality is top, the clinic was beautiful and the doctors are very friendly! I will thank my friend for the recommendation! "

Ana (47) - England

" I had teeth problems in the last 6 years, but I couldn’t afford to have my treatment in London. So I was always afraid of smiling. On parties I always smiled with my mouth closed. I felt embarrassed. Then I found ExecDentalClinicInt on the web, and I decided to go to Hungary immediately. The whole journey was fantastic, Budapest is beautiful. They helped me to arrange sightseeing, dinner on a cruise, find a hotel and everything else during my trip. The clinic and the care was premium, and the price including everything was about the half that the treatment itself would have cost in London! I will recommend them to all of my friends, and I will always be grateful. "

Peter(33) - England

 "During my childhood I ate  lots of sugar, chocolate, candies etc. and what’s more I smoke, so until my 30th birthday I almost didn’t have any of my own teeth. Part of my job is to meet people and during negotiations I always felt embarrassed, so finally I decided to replace my whole denture. I didn’t want to have removable dentures. Implants in Manchester are very expensive! So I started to search the net, and I’ve found Executive Medical Services International. I contacted them, got a quote and went to Budapest. Because of the nature of my treatment (many implants and crowns) I had to go to Hungary twice. Both trips were wonderful, Budapest is beautiful, and if you choose the services of ExecMedInt you’ll feel that they really care about you! Now I have beautiful teeth, I enjoy smiling, and last but not least it cost the half - with all the travel expenses – than in Manchester. Thank you! "

Michaela Bradley (39) – England

" As a matter of fact, some years ago I didn’t know anything about Hungary.  A friend of mine recommended your clinic. I was a bit afraid of travelling to a foreign country for a dental treatment. How can I find a hotel, how can I tell my problems to the dentist, how can I pay etc.? I was very much surprised! Everything was organized perfectly, the whole staff speak English, I could pay with my VISA card, and the hotel was clean and comfortable! My trip connected to the treatment was like a perfect vacation! Thank you for this nice week! "

Sarah Mayer (35) – Austria

" In my childhood I had terrible experiences with the dentists so I neglected to take care of my teeth. I was trembling seeing a dentist, hearing the noise of the drill or even smelling the „smell of a dentistry”. In your clinic everybody was so kind and patient.  I felt really comfortable and forgot about being afraid! I could start the treatments step by step, and I enjoyed being in Hungary a lot. Thank you for this solicitude. "

Anne-Maria Schöffler (25) – Germany

 " I used to have a piercing in my tongue, and I was scratching my teeth with it all the time. By the time of my 23rd birthday, I destroyed almost all of my teeth! I didn’t dare to smile, or open my mouth. I had a wedding last summer and I got a beautiful present from you: a new smile.  I’ll always be grateful for this! Thank you! " 

Eric (47) – Norway

" At home I was attending my dentist continuously for almost 3 years, and every occasion something was repaired in my mouth. I spent a lot of money and it happened last December that one of my teeth had been broken again. At that time I decided to find a good dentist in Hungary, where I could get a correct treatment on an acceptable price. I had to go there two times, 4 days at the first time, 7 days at the second time. I got beautiful teeth on an amazing price, and everything was perfectly done. "

Werner and Ursula Strüwing-Müller

" We can readily confirm that we are very happy and satisfied with our dental prosthesis. The quality is excellent and we commented many times on how nice our teeth looked. Primarily we would like to say, how much devotion and care we were treated with by the whole team. "

Emma Grey - United Kingdom

" One month passed since I left your clinic and feel wonderful. It was amazing to get so much work done in only 3 days. At home it would have taken several months to accomplish this. We were not wasting a minute throughout the process. The whole job was excellently coordinated and executed. "

Janet - France

" I am no longer hiding my teeth with embarrassment and finally feel confident again! Thanks for that! "

Roberto - Toronto

" At first I was scared not knowing what would wait for me in Budapest, as I did not have any experiences; I just met this on the internet. The Dental Clinic booked all my travel: flight, accommodation and also sightseeing programs. The reservations went quickly, and on very favourable prices. And the Medical Centre I have only experienced the doctors’ expertise and the highest quality facilities. I will never hesitate to come back and to offer this Clinic to my relatives. "

Michael - Germany

" I write this letter to thank the dental team at the Clinic for the care I got there. I couldn’t find any clinics that could have solved my problem. At the clinic a CT was taken and they could find a solution very easily. The treatment was professional and excellent. "

Sara Hassmainem - Germany

" I couldn’t decide which Clinic to choose in Budapest, but as I realized that this clinic is a well-known, national medical network, I made the decision, I didn’t regret. During my dental treatment I have checked my eyes and also had a full check of my birthmarks. When I go back to continue my dental treatment, some of my birthmarks are going to be removed by a plastic surgeon, and my husband is having a Laser operation to throw his glasses away. I am super satisfied with the patient management there; I will call her every time I need medical advice! See you later. "


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