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Our philosophy: Taking care with each little detail that it is just right for you.

At ExecDentalClinicInt our objective is to ensure Quality dental implant treatment and other dental services in Budapest by employing specialist to deliver the treatment and have all of them working together as a team in one location using state-of-the-art tools and imaging equipment and on-site dental laboratory.

Dental X-Ray in our dental clinic - invaluable tool in proper planning of implantsDentist shows patient his new teeth on an ipad. Dental clinic treatment room - modern chairs and computer where one can see the design of the new teeth


What influences Quality of dental treatments and patient’s experience?

Regarding dental treatments:

·                     Specialist working closely as a coordinated team
·                     State-of-the-art facility housing dental treatment rooms, laboratory, etc.
·                     High tech equipment, on site CT and X-ray
·                     Latest, cutting edge materials
·                     Precise administration

Regarding dental tourism:

·                     Quality accommodation to one’s needs (3-5 star hotels)
·                     2012 Award winning travel agency as a partner
·                     Arrangement of sight-seeing trips

Regarding Guarantees:

·                     Written guarantees for the whole treatment – no worries, no concern who to call
·                     Guarantee for materials – implant pass so you are safe and in ease as to implants

Regarding ease of access:

·                     One call and everything will be arranged for you
·                     Datum of treatment could be to your needs

Special service for Executives:

·                     Additional options to reduce costs for business people
·                     Business opportunities

At ExecDentalClinicInt we are working continuously to provide high quality dental services to our patients in Budapest. Our dentists and dental specialist are highly trained professionals who attend annually further seminars and additional training to learn the most advanced methods and procedures.  To learn more about our staff read about here. You will be able to see that our surgeons are really the best in their field.

Only one in a thousand of surgeries has what we have.

In our clinic in Budapest we have a CT. In some cases it is vitally important that a CT scan is made of a patient's jaw. Some patients needing dental implant have thin or small jaw-bone. A CAT Scan equipment gives our doctors a full 3D view of teeth, jaws, bone condition and nerve locations. A detailed CT scan makes it possible to design, to plan precisely the position, the placement and the type of implants used.  Panoramic X-rays are a must for any implant work.

3D Computer Tomography - this is the key to perfect and safe design of dental implantsIn our dental surgery we are very proud to have installed not just a panoramic X-ray machine but a CT (Computer Tomography) CAT Scan equipment. Everyday dental offices might have X-rays, but only those performing treatments involving implants have Panoramic X-ray machines and very few have CT. Usually a dental clinic of a university have such. In many cases dental offices send their patients to a so called “Radiology centre”. No wonder as installing an X-ray machines necessitates that a lead wall is built in the room to protect people from excess radiation. In our clinic we use the most modern X-ray equipment where the radiation is only a fraction of a regular X-ray machine. A patient gets only about 2 % of the radiation used in older dental X-ray models. We take care of your health not just your teeth.
Read more about the importance of CT in a dental implant treatment clinic.


Affordability: 40-70% savings on dental implant treatments in our dental clinic in Budapest

We know that dental implant treatment and other dental operations can be costly in the UK. One can read about stories where a root canal treatment was over 1000 pounds. As in UK the wages of staff, the overheads (rent of the dental office, wages of administrators etc.) are definitely higher than Hungary. This fact alone makes it possible to give you a competitive price.

Dental tourism in Hungary exists since decades. According to studies Hungarian dental services are high quality services at a better price than as in Poland, Slovakia, or Check Republic.

Here is an example of prices in some UK clinics:

  Wolverhampton ( £ ) London £
New patient examination   45
Implant consultation 120 95 / 150
6 month exam 50 27
Small X-ray 15 9
Panoramic X-ray 40 45
CT scan per quadrant   99
Crown 295/355 600-800
Bridges 295- 355 600-800
Root canal treatment From 160-320 From 350 or from 650
Extraction per tooth 35 / 95 150 (sedated 450)
Part acrylic dentures 450 - 600 (each)-950( pair)
Part chrome/cobalt dentures   850 (each)-1650 ( pair )
Single Implant From 1000 1350 /1500
Complete rehabilitation   From 12000
IV sedation 30/45/60 min 145 / 175 / 195 450
Bone grafting   From 1500 + bone
Sinus grafting per sinus   From 3500 + bone

Teeth Implant Costs in UK and in Budapest

Description London (€) Budapest (€)
Consultation 168 € Gratis
X-Ray 54 € Gratis
5 implants 9500 € 4550 €
10 Crowns 9000 € 2700 €
Travel costs 0 € 200 €
Transfers 0 € Gratis
Accommodation 0 € 480 €
Other costs 0 € 400 €
  18722 € 8330 €
Calculate and compare your dental treatment price using our price calculator

    Reception in the Dental Clinic in Budapest

Speed of service, no waiting lists

We know that time is important for you, and the essence of a good service is speed. We organized our lines to give you the fastest service without any decrease in quality of service.  Our highly trained and experienced staff in a fully equipped surgery and laboratory guarantees fast service for you. There are no unnecessary waiting, no waiting lists.



In our dental clinic in Budapest we provide complete and comprehensive dental implant treatment services at a single modern facility fully equipped.

  • No waiting lists
  • No need to take trips to other dental offices etc.

Our dental technicians work on site.

  • The new teeth are delivered immediately following placement of implants.
  • Any adjustments or repairs that may be necessary can be handled quickly.

As our aim is to provide our patients with the best service possible we take good care of organizing the trip to Budapest. Our partner is a travel agency that gives unique conditions and guarantees to its partners.  Your travel will be fully organized for you on a guaranteed cheapest fight. You can read more about it in our guarantees section.


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