What is a Dental Implant? Things you should know in advance.


A proven method to handle missing teeth

Missing teeth can ruin one’s smile and thus one’s confidence and happiness in life. However it is not just a matter of looks. Missing teeth can cause further dental problems. The surrounding teeth might fail too in time as a result of tear and wear caused by uneven load.

It is advised to replace missing teeth in time. There is an even more necessity when more teeth are missing. As a result of no load on the jaw-bone it will weaken and this regression can be irreversible in some cases.

Compared to the conventional bridges and dentures implant supported restoration is a better choice. Dental implants function like natural teeth and thus provide a more permanent solution.

General dentist or a specialist?

Currently in the medical field it is customary that doctors specialize in one field. However there is a drawback when a treatment is not delivered by a competent team but as a fragmented network of dentists and specialist. In the latter case they only take responsibility for their portion of the treatment and not for the whole treatment.

In case something goes wrong individual doctors will shunt responsibility and could be hard to vindicate the required remedies and guaranties without extra costs. There is also the fact that the patient must visit multiple offices extending treatment periods, pay separate bills without knowing the final total cost.  There is also the concern and uncertainty who to call.

Specialists are naturally have more training and experience and are in a better position to provide quality and professional treatments and they can handle difficult cases as well.  In the field of dental implants a well-established surgery handles hundreds or even thousands of implant cases in a year. Their success rate is 98% and above.

In our dental clinic you can be sure that a competent team working close together will deliver the treatment for you in our surgery where all the necessities are available. You will have a comfortable experience, and forget about the worries.

dental implant surgeon shows the new smile of the patient

          Dental Implant surgeon

Why dental implant placement is a better choice?

Tooth implants are nowadays one of the best methods of resolving the problem of missing teeth and replacing a single tooth or several teeth. The advantages of an implant over bridges and dentures are that the implant has a tight connection with the bone of the lower or upper jaw and thereby it provides a stable base for the replacement tooth.

In the area of a missing tooth root in the bone, the bone gets absorbed. The implant also reduces this bone absorption. In addition, the involvement of the adjacent teeth for the support is not required. Therefore, in contrast to the bridge, adjacent teeth do not need to be damaged. Moreover, implants have further advantages in the field of e.g. aesthetics, comfort and quality of life.


When is it recommended?

1. You have a missing tooth which should be replaced and therefore there is no need for the adjacent teeth to be polished.
2. The implant is necessary to provide a fixed point for a denture.
3. The implant serves as a bridge pillar.


How dental implant procedures are performed?

1. Before the implant placement it is necessary to perform an X-ray and a CT scan of the jaw. Its aim is to gain precise information on your jaw bones, and to be able to accurately plan the implant procedure. (Which implant size fits best to your yaw, what is the optimal position of the implant.)

1.a. If this test reveals, that you do not have sufficient bone for placing the implant, it may be necessary for you that bone grafting is performed. For this your own bone, or artificial bone can be used.

2. The dental implant procedure than can be performed. In the majority of cases these procedures are performed under local anaesthesia, but in special cases general anaesthesia may be used as well. A dental implant screw is placed by the dentist in to your jaw-bone.
3. After this the implant area should be completely healed. Normally it takes 6-8 weeks. During this period the implant can only be loaded partially.

4. Next step after the implant screw is fully set in and the bone is healed can the dentist begin the tooth installation. He will attach a so called abutment to the implant, which serves as a base for the crown. In such a case sometimes the gum must be removed again from the implant, which will be performed under local anaesthesia.

Your new tooth is ready.


How should one prepare for a dental implant placement?
Are there any Pre-operative instructions for me?

Your dentist should precisely know the medication/s you are taking to be able to provide you with correct information about medication you should stop taking or reduce the dose before dental implant placement. In order to reduce bleeding it is worth discontinuing some anticoagulant medicines. By all means ask your doctor about this. 

Do not smoke or eat a heavy meal for at least 2 hours before the tooth implant procedure.
You should stop drinking alcohol 24 hours prior to dental implant procedure. 

Pay special attention to your proper oral hygiene, including thorough tooth brushing twice a day, and in justified case removal of tartar prior to tooth implant placement. You are allowed to chew a gum, but avoid tablets/liquids that stains your teeth/inner mucosa of the mouth.
Please, remove makeup, lipstick before dental implant placement.

If you are an anxious person by nature it is possible to give you an anti-anxiety drug prior to dental implant surgery, but consult with your doctor about this.

Are there any condition that disqualifies one? 

·         age being under 18 years
·         Serious hearth condition
·         Bone disorder 
·         drug or alcohol addiction
·         unhandled diabetes

If you have any question concerning the treatment, would like te receive a quote write to us. 

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In our clinic one of the dental implants we use is produced by Nobel Biocare.

Dental Implant ConsultationDental Implant Consultation
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