What you should know and do before considering to get dental implants abroad.

Most common problem a patient above age of 40 is loss of a tooth or teeth or loss of all the teeth. When a tooth or teeth are missing chewing ability reduces and the remaining teeth get overloaded which results in an imbalance of the whole chewing-, masticatory organs.

It is not uncommon that the cause of headaches and musculo-skeletal disorders, muscle or skeletal pain can be traced back to bed teeth or missing teeth. 

Missing teeth can be responsible to becoming less happy, not smiling, becoming withdrawn and in serious cases even for depression.

When one is looking for a new job not easthetic teeth, missing teeth could be a disadvantage. 

This can be improved by dental implants.

What are dental implants?

Dental implant structure has three parts.

Dental implants are a proven method to handle a missing tooth or missing teeth. They are built in the jaw bone. Crowns, bridges and dentures are fixed on top of it. Implats take over the function of lost teeth.

Dental implants are, in essence, artifical tooth-roots with a crown.

The main parts of it are:

  1. custom-made crown
  2. abutment
  3. implant

What are dental implants made of.  

  1. Crown is usually made from metal, metal-ceramic or ceramic (Zirconium).
  2. Abutment is made of Titnium or Zirconium
  3. Implant is usually made of Titanium.


This short video above shows the basic procedure of dental implant procedure.  


There are different manufacturers and materials used. Beware of low quality cheap dental implants. Do not allow anyone to put inferior cheap implants into you mouth. You will be better off with quality implants that are on the market since many years. Their implants went through thorough testing and continuous development to ensure optimal oral health for years. 

Dental implants or dentures?

In the past removable dentures were made ​​for completely edentulous people. Underneath the denture as part of a natural process the bone diminishes and the prosthesis loses its stability. By the use of artificial root implants it is possible to stabilize a fixed prosthesis or dentures and this improves the patient's quality of life.

These videos show the natural process of a jaw bone after a person lost all his/her teeth.





Where to get dental implants? How to choose a dental clinic?

In Europe dental treatment costs differ from country to country. In Western-Europe prices of dental implants are generally much higher than in Eastern-Europe. Prices can be 40-70% cheaper in Eastern-EU countries including travel and accomodation expenses. As they are part of the EU the same regulations apply to them as to Western-European clinics.

Dental implants in Europe differ in price and quality. 

The main reason behind it is that overhead costs (wages of assistents, dentists, utilities etc.) in Eastern-Europe is lower than in Western-Europe. According to our research the price-value-ratio is best in Hungary. Why?  Hungary is involved in dental tourism more than 20 years. First patients were comming from Austria. There are well established clinics with tens of years experience in dental implant treatments. This fact ensures your dentis is a qualified and experienced practitioner. Dental clinics from Romania, Slovenia and Turkey are starting to participate in dental tourism, however they are newcommers. 

When one considers to get denal implants anywhere one should thoroughly check the following:

1. What implants are used in the clinic.

There are many different manufacturers of dental implants. Material cost of quality implants are naturally higher than of inferior ones. Low material cost of implants means lower quality. As most implants are made from titanium the main difference is in their quality of manufacturing. Better manufacturing procedure, more advanced state-of-the-art design ensures successful treatment. 


2. What is the cost of dental implants?
Prices of dental implants depend on two factors. Material used and the technology involved.
Titanium implnats are more common. Unfortunately sometimes one can hear about very cheap implants made from steel. They are definitely cheaper than titanium but health risks they present is definitely higher. 
The technology and innovation put into the development of a dental implants and implant system ensures that one gets well manufactured implants in the required sizes. Companies that have been on the market produce tested and proven products. They have tens of years of experinece in manufacturing and in clinical trials. Their products involve technology that enhances  ossification. This makes a difference in success-rate. They give lifetime guarantee for the material. (The dentist gives the guarantee for the dental work.)

It is your teeth, your health and wellbeing and your smile. We can only give you an advice to choose a quality dental implant. Statistically quality products sell the most. Only recently did sales of lower quality products increase.

3. Travel and accomodation costs

When one is considering to get dental implants abroad travel and accomodation prices add to the total cost. One must check in advance the lenght of treatments and how many times one has to visit the dentist abroad to complete the dental implant treatment or any dental treatment.

Actually a flight ticket (return) from London to Budapest could cost as little as 60 pounds. Some clinics have partners in accomodation and travel and organize everything for their patient. Our clinic even gives a flight ticket price guarantee. You can read more about it here.

4. Guarantees given for the implants

Dental implant manufacturers give different guatantees for their products. There are some firm that give lifetime guarantee which means that if an implant is lost they give a replacement implant for free for the patient.

In our clinics every patient is given a Passport for the implant which gives the exact dimensions of the implanted tooth-root, its manufacturing details. This make it possible that the implant can be identified everywhere whenever it is needed.

In our clinic every patient receives a written contract which deliniates the guarantees given. This way you can be sure that you can exercise your rights.

What is the cost of dental implants? 

Dental implant prices for the same implant are roughly the same in each Europen country. Manufacturers of implants have set prices. There could be a little difference while big clinics can get discount prices as they buy in quantity.

Because they perform many implant treatment each year they can negotiate with the manufacturers concerning the prices. Some clinics offer the implants at their discount prices. These clinics are in the dental implant field for several years and by haveing performed thousands of implant treatments one can be sure of the quality of service. These clinics have sufficient experience. Small clinics on the other side lack this experience and their quality and success rate is lower.

There could be a huge difference in prices of dental clinics. 

One can usually find the best price for dental implants abroad and the best quality at well established dental clinics. As mentioned above Hungary can be a good choice. Our dental clinics servicing patients from Europe and our lead dentists practice since more than 10-15 years. One of our lead dentist is recomended by the German embassy as the top dentist in Budapest.

But lets take a look at the numbers.

Here you can compare our prices to average prices in UK.


What are the risks of dental implants?

Actually if all necessary preparations are carried out 95% of dental implants ossify well and then the prosthesis, crown can be made. It can happen mainly for people who smoke, have bad circulation or suffer from diabetis that the implant is lost. By following the dentist's advices and by careful dental hygine their chances improve.

Who can get dental implant?

Every healthy person can get dental implants. Titanium, the material of the artificial tooth-root (implant) is a tissue friendly metal. There is no known alergic reaction to it. It ossifies easily. It sets in the bone easily.

The only necessary criteria is that there is enough bone in adequate quality. A 3D CT (Computer Tomography) is an invaluable equipment in determining it.

Smoking, bad circulation and diabetis presents a risk in implant treatment.

Concerning any questions on dental implant treatment ask our staff.

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We are prepared to give you the best service available (both dental and travel service) in our dental clinics.


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